Shipping is $12 Flat Rate for any size order! Updated January 22, 2019.

Welcome to Maple Creek Daylilies, Hostas, and Bearded Irises!

Please Note: Due to agriculture restriction we do not ship to HI, PR, or CANADA. Washington, Oregon, and California residence will be charged an additional $10.00 for a State of Ohio Dept. of Agriculture permit to ship to those three states. Thank you!

Shipping: We use USPS Priority Mail (2 to 3 days) when shipping our plants.

For "DAYLILIES" and "HOSTAS": shipping is $12.00 Flat Rate, for any size order.

For "BEARDED IRISES": a separate $12.00 Flat Rate fee will also be charged. This is because Irises ship separately July through September.

DAYLILIES are priced at 1 double fan (2 fans) per plant order. Daylilies are true to name, correctly labeled, dug fresh when ordered, the foliage is trimmed back 4-6 inches, the roots are washed, air dried, placed in brown paper bags, packed in a box and shipped USPS Priority Mail.

HOSTAS are priced at 2 eyes (fans) per plant order. Hostas are true to name, correctly labeled, dug fresh when ordered, the roots are placed in plastic bags with slightly moist sphagnum peat or moist paper towels, the leaves are covered with newspaper, packed in a box and shipped USPS Priority Mail.

IRISES are priced at 1 rhizome per plant order. Iris orders will be taken separately and will not be sent until July or August. If you purchase Irises, shipping will be $12.00, Flat Rate, in addition to any other order. This simply means that daylilies and hostas can be shipped together from April 15th through September 30th. Irises are only shipped in July and August so a separate $12.00 Flat Rate charge will be added to these orders.

Plants are shipped Monday or Tuesday.

Payment: We accept PayPal or personal checks made out to Andrew Brownfield.

Our list of plants continues to grow as we look forward to offering backyard hobbyists and professional landscapers the highest quality plant material for an unbeatable price! If you are interested in ordering plants from us, please send us an email to: or call 937-672-1931.

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